Help and Support

Placeholder, more to be announced with the first official release.

Bug Reports

Before submitting a bug, please create a Google Colaboratory notebook demonstrating the problem. Submit a link to the notebook along with the bug report.

Bugs may be submitted to the github repository here:

Known Issues

  1. There is no great way to join DDIs / SPWs that doesn’t confuse the attributes and global dataset

  2. “Units” on data variables / coords is a loosely followed concept relying on attributes and user intelligence

ToDo List

Currently planned near(-ish) term items

CNGI Prototype

  1. TOPO to LSRK conversion function (includes vis.regridspw) - Andrew

  2. New module for external data interfacing (measures, ephemerides, etc) - Ryan

  3. Numerical comparison to CASA6.1 release - Ryan

  4. Spectral line fitting on images

  5. image.moment

  6. vis.recalculateuvw - maybe rename to phaseshift?

  7. Figure out a philosophy for SPW/DDI joins (includes vis.joinspw)

  8. HTCondor dask scheduler - investigate execution on workers without shared filesystem

  9. Performance benchmarking of large data computations

  10. Directly read / convert ASDM format

ngCASA Prototype

  1. Synthesis imaging design layout - Jan-Willem

  2. Gridder weightings - Jan-Willem

  3. Flagging design (actual application is in CNGI, but creation / management is in ngCASA)

  4. Calibration design

  5. Interactive U/I design