regridspw(xds, field=None, spw=None, timerange=None, uvrange=None, antenna=None, scan=None, mode='channel', nchan=None, start=0, width=1, interpolation='linear', phasecenter=None, restfreq=None, outframe=None, veltype='radio')[source]


This function is not yet implemented

Transform channel labels and visibilities to a spectral reference frame which is appropriate for analysis, e.g. from TOPO to LSRK or to correct for doppler shifts throughout the time of observation

  • xds (xarray.core.dataset.Dataset) – input Visibility Dataset

  • field (int) – field selection. If None, use all fields

  • spw (int) – spw selection. If None, use all spws

  • timerange (int) – time selection. If None, use all times

  • uvrange (int) – uvrange selection. If None, use all uvranges

  • antenna (int) – antenna selection. If None, use all antennas

  • scan (int) – scan selection. If None, use all scans

  • mode (str) – regridding mode

  • nchan (int) – number of channels in output spw. None=all

  • start (int) – first input channel to use

  • width (int) – number of input channels to average

  • interpolation (str) – spectral interpolation method

  • phasecenter (int) – image phase center position or field index

  • restfreq (float) – rest frequency

  • outframe (str) – output frame, None=keep input frame

  • veltype (str) – velocity definition


New Visibility Dataset with updated data

Return type