make_mosaic_pb(mxds, gcf_dataset, img_dataset, vis_sel_parms, img_sel_parms, grid_parms)[source]

The make_pb function currently supports rotationally symmetric airy disk primary beams. Primary beams can be generated for any number of dishes. The make_pb_parms[‘list_dish_diameters’] and make_pb_parms[‘list_blockage_diameters’] must be specified for each dish.

  • vis_dataset (xarray.core.dataset.Dataset) – Input visibility dataset.

  • gcf_dataset (xarray.core.dataset.Dataset) – Input gridding convolution function dataset.

  • img_dataset (xarray.core.dataset.Dataset) – Input image dataset. ()

  • make_pb_parms (dictionary) –

  • make_pb_parms['function'] ({'airy'}, default='airy') – Only the airy disk function is currently supported.

  • grid_parms['imsize'] (list of int, length = 2) – The image size (no padding).

  • grid_parms['cell'] (list of number, length = 2, units = arcseconds) – The image cell size.

  • make_pb_parms['list_dish_diameters'] (list of number) – The list of dish diameters.

  • = list of number (make_pb_parms['list_blockage_diameters']) – The list of blockage diameters for each dish.

  • vis_sel_parms (dictionary) –

  • vis_sel_parms['xds'] (str) – The xds within the mxds to use to calculate the imaging weights for.

  • vis_sel_parms['data_group_in_id'] (int, default = first id in xds.data_groups) – The data group in the xds to use.

  • img_sel_parms (dictionary) –

  • img_sel_parms['data_group_in_id'] (int, default = first id in xds.data_groups) – The data group in the image xds to use.

  • img_sel_parms['pb'] (str, default ='PB') – The mosaic primary beam.

  • img_sel_parms['weight_pb'] (str, default ='WEIGHT_PB') – The weight image.

  • img_sel_parms['weight_pb_sum_weight'] (str, default ='WEIGHT_PB_SUM_WEIGHT') – The sum of weight calculated when gridding the gcfs to create the weight image.



Return type