About this ProjectΒΆ

This is a rapid prototype development effort underway by members of the Common Astronomy Software Applications (CASA) team at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO).


The CASA team has begun exploring options for a new generation of software to meet the growing demands of current and future instruments. This cngi_prototype package is a demonstration of the current state of our research efforts. Its primary purpose is to showcase new data structures for MeasurementSet and Image contents built entirely in Python atop the popular technology stack of numpy, dask, and xarray. A selection of core mathematics, manipulation, middleware and analysis functions are shown to demonstrate the simplicity and scalability of the technology choices. Finally, the most compute intensive areas of CASA imaging are implemented and benchmarked to demonstrate the parallel scalability and raw performance now possible from a pure-Python software stack.

This software is subject to change without notice. It has not been thoroughly tested or verified and should be considered demonstration only. An official release under a different name is planned for the future, at which time more rigorous testing and change control/communication will be in place.

Questions and feedback can be sent to: casa-feedback@nrao.edu